SelectView is excited to introduce a new product to our customers, SubSelect for General Contractors.

SubSelect is a web-based application, giving it flexibility and portability. It runs on a desktop, iPad, or any tablet.  SubSelect was developed to give contractors easy access to their data that is hidden away in Vista or Spectrum. General Contractors are able to work from an office desktop and then hop into a work truck and start right where they left off. It’s as easy as that!

The newest version of SubSelect displays job and subcontractor information across the United States and Canada. SubSelect includes drill down capabilities to historical job and subcontractor information, so General Contractors can see compliance information on a job site in real time.  There’s even a rating system for subcontractors at the end of the job, to help in future selections.

SubSelect is sleek and efficient. New functions are added with the helpful input from our clients. Project Managers can pull the data they need from the field or the office without logging into Vista or Spectrum. SelectView is a big fan of the fail-safe feature, ensuring no one in a company will use a subcontractor that has been put on the “never use” list or has been rated poorly, saving contractors major hassles. The possibilities for SubSelect are endless! SelectView is here to assist in making sure your data is informative and works for you.

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