XML exports for AASHTOWare makes a difference for Vista customers.

Two years ago, a Vista customer came to us to develop an export of specific payroll information in AASHTOWare’s XML format. This format is required by state DOTs, who have adopted AASHTOWare for reporting purposes, but it varies from state to state. Also, the customer wanted control of the data that was sent, meaning we had to build in the ability to revise the file prior to submission while maintaining the security of the data.

What a task at hand! This project presented a challenge for the team. The simple export envisioned had developed into a robust desktop application. Payroll Exporter for AASHTOWare was designed to be flexible and customizable.  It can accommodate each state’s DOT requirements and it gives Vista customers full control of their data from export to submission.

The was not the easiest task, but our clients are happy with the results.  It is a great solution for Vista customers who are required to submit payroll data in an XML format.  At SelectView Data Solutions, we take satisfaction in meeting the goals of our clients.  Payroll Exporter for AASHTOWare exceeds those goals.

For additional information, please visit here or email us, Bill.Wagnon@SelectViewData.com.