What is a Workflow Notifier?

SelectView configures the Viewpoint system’s Workflow Notifier feature to automatically send alerts to the necessary employees, vendors, or subcontractors when a specified condition exists. Once the process is set up, the Viewpoint service performs its functions without intervention. The alerts are sent without any effort on your part.

There are four main parts to the Workflow Notifiers:


When does the process run? Is it daily, weekly, or monthly?


Which items in the database qualify for the alert?


Who is to be alerted about the situation?


What is to be communicated to the target?

SelectView can work with you to learn your workflows and processes, and configure the notifiers to be most effective and efficient for your needs.

Example Workflow Notifier

Here’s one example of how a workflow notifier could work for your business:


The automated process runs every day, Monday through Friday, at 7 a.m.


The database returns a list of subcontracts that expire 30 days from today.


The list includes an email address for the subcontractor and the project manager.


The message describes the problem and the necessary action to take.

In the above scenario, the Workflow Notifier, or alert, could be: “The insurance policy covering concrete work on the ABC Project expires in 30 days on July 30, 2014. Please send documentation of the new policy as soon as possible.”

  • The target email address can be a built-in Vista™ field, or it can be a user defined (UD) field added to the subcontract screen.
  • As a precaution, a second Viewpoint Workflow Notifier can be set to send a similar message when the expiration date is 15 days away. This is a good method to ensure necessary insurance is maintained.

Why Do You Need Workflow Notifiers?

After initial configuration, Notifiers operate in the background as long as necessary.

Workflow Notifier tools increase efficiency and productivity. They prevent avoid tasks falling through the cracks. Employees can spend valuable time on more important work rather than trying to remember extensive details, allowing them to be better organized and focus on productive efforts.

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