Payroll Exporter for Vista™ allows easy setup of file formats for various union reporting locals and third-party administrators.


  • Easily set up a Vista template to match the website upload
  • Pull data directly from Vista software for easy upload.
  • Edit, delete, and add information prior to uploading the file.


  • Instantly convert information from Vista™ into the desired output format.
  • Eliminate hand-keying data errors by using data directly from Vista™.
  • Improve turnaround time.
  • Save your payroll department hours each week by reducing time spent compiling reports.


  • Starting at $1750 license fee.

Payroll Exporter for Vista saves hours of payroll processing time!

I wanted a one-stop shop where I had the capability to pull information from Viewpoint [Vista] and arrange it whatever format that was needed for reporting. Every union has a different format required for the CSV file, so it was important that I had control over managing the data and its format for each local. Elise [Elise Krueger, SelectView Data Solutions] and I worked together on a solution and she came up with a template idea, the one stop shop I was looking for! The manual entry that used to take me 20+ hours has been reduced by half, maybe even more!

I think we were both excited about the project. I am thrilled that the payroll process [Payroll Exporter for Vista] is being utilized and has become a solution for the management of certified payrolls, online union reporting and prevailing wage reports

Christina Ritter, Payroll Manager, Vee Jay Cement

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