PM Dashboard by SelectView gives project managers peace of mind when it comes to getting the most accurate information about current jobs from Viewpoint’s Vista construction software.

Project Managers can quickly switch between all their jobs for a comprehensive look at job status from the field or office.

  • Shows all your jobs and their most important information:

      • Expected Gross Profit Percent
      • Unapproved Invoice Count
      • Last Billing Date
      • Recent Purchase Orders
  • Shows important job details such as:

      • Change Orders
      • AR and Cashflow
      • Cost of Construction drill-down
      • Accumulated Cost and Billing Chart


  • The dashboard view shows all jobs with their most important health checks: expected gross profit percent, unapproved invoice count, the last billing date, and recent purchase orders
  • The job detail pages show Change Orders, AR and Cash Flow, Cost of Construction drilling, and an accumulated Cost and Billing chart
  • Data is always up to date from your ERP system
  • Accessible from PC, tablet and mobile phone
  • Upcoming: AI predicted project outcome and success rate


  • Improves the overall success rate of jobs
  • Improves Project Manager responsiveness when a job is going off track
  • Reduces the time and hassle to review job information
  • Allows direct access from the field


  • Starting at $10,000 for installation; plus annual recurring.  Custom development is available.

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