Payroll Exporter for AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights and Labor™ removes the manual work involved in creating the file required by AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights and Labor™. The Payroll Exporter for AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights and Labor™ utility extracts data from your ERP or Payroll software and also allows manual user input through a wizard. It can be customized to pull exactly what is needed for compliance with DOT regulations.


  • Can be tailored to include fields unique to your company or to the State DOT
  • Easy to use, no knowledge required Wizard for manual data input
  • Pulls data directly from your software in the format needed for easy upload
  • Gives payroll administrators back up to several hours per week in administering the AASHTOWare Civil Rights and Labor™ process


  • Eliminates the need to manually convert information from your system into the AASHTOWare Civil Rights and Labor™ format

  • Improves accuracy and timeliness by removing manual processes
  • Enhances the ability to upload data not currently held within your system, adding the missing information
  • Allows edit, delete, and addition of information prior to uploading the file


  • Vista: Starting at 2,500 Initial cost, 800/year support, and updates
  • Spectrum: Starting at2,500 Initial cost, 800/year support and updates
  • QuickBooks: Starting at 850 Initial cost, 250/year support and updates
  • No integration, manual input: 350 one time fee

  • We integrate with any data source. Contact us for exact pricing for other systems.

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