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Payroll Exporter for Vista saves hours of payroll processing time!

I wanted a one-stop shop where I had the capability to pull information from Viewpoint [Vista] and arrange it whatever format that was needed for reporting. Every union has a different format required for the CSV file, so it was important that I had control over managing the data and its format for each local. Elise [Elise Krueger, SelectView Data Solutions] and I worked together on a solution and she came up with a template idea, the one-stop shop I was looking for! The manual entry that used to take me 20+ hours has been reduced by half, maybe even more!

I think we were both excited about the project. I am thrilled that the payroll process [Payroll Exporter for Vista] is being utilized and has become a solution for the management of certified payrolls, online union reporting, and prevailing wage reports.

Christina Ritter, Payroll Manager
Vee Jay Cement

SelectView’s Invoice Search module has been a game changer for Messer.  We are able to utilize it in several different capacities.  The biggest time and cost saver for us has been their integrated billing compiler.  The billing compiler has allowed us to drastically reduce the amount of time needed to compile our owner bills while also reducing the human error element.  Some of our billings are in excess of 700 pages and are very time consuming to compile.  We were able to take the billing compilation time for our larger projects from 8-12 hours to 20-30 minutes.  When this is taken into account for the entire company, we are saving hundreds of hours on a monthly basis.  This has allowed us to not have to replace full time employees as we have had attrition.   The cost savings has been more than $150K a year.

Alison Baden
Messer Construction

“SelectView Data Solutions has been helping us with Vista since 2013.  We get more done because of Bill Wagnon and his team.  The Percent Complete Web Portal they built gives us more control over projects.  It is a great example of the solutions they build!”

Tina Helmsing, Controller
Guarantee Electrical

“SelectView can handle almost any project, expanding our vision for what can be accomplished. Executing a contract and meeting deadlines is absolutely crucial when projects are measured in millions of dollars. When not met, significant cost consequences occur. SelectView innately grasps this and allows me to make commitments because their turnaround time is exceptional and delivery is always on spec.”

Mark Patterson, CIO
S.M. Wilson & Co

“SelectView Data Solutions has been a tremendous help to S. M. Wilson, not only as we implemented our ERP system but as we move forward and push the envelope to get the most out of our data. Their team is always quick to get started on any of our requests and is always focused on the end game – what we are trying to accomplish with our information. With SelectView, we are using our data to become more knowledgeable and more efficient.”

Jamie Berzon, Information Technology Manager
S.M. Wilson & Co

Web Portals make life easier for field and office to communicate!

The SelectView Material Portal is making ordering job items so much easier for our foremen. SelectView gave us exactly what we needed, with some nice features added in. The design and build process was a breeze. The new iPad portal was a high priority for our hospital project, and we are thrilled that we can use the portal on other projects as needed!

Tina Helmsing
Controller, Guarantee Electrical

“Bill, I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for your programming services! You and your company, SelectView Data Solutions, have been a complete pleasure to work with and have helped us begin to complete some major initiatives company-wide. You have answered every request we’ve thrown at you with class and expertise. You’ve been patient with me through some brainstorming ideas and with our IT as we change server platforms.”

“I personally look forward to a long and collaborative relationship with you and your team in the days and years to come.”

Nikki MacDonald, Assistant Controller
Brinkmann Constructors

“It is working FANTASTICALLY!!!. And such a time saver. What used to take me at least 30 min a week and 5 reports, now takes less than 2 min and it is all on one report. You listened to my needs and covered everything that I asked for and added a few tweaks as needed.

It has made it so much easier even for someone to do when I am out of office. The other girls that I had shown my old way of combining 5 reports, and this one, are all happy. I am way more than happy with the end results.”

Ginny Leffler, Payroll
Klaasmeyer Construction

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