Keeping Vista employee data in line with UKG is a never-ending task.

SelectView’s GEMINI sync connects Trimble’s Viewpoint Vista™ with UKG for complete payroll record integration.

Our solution updates Vista™ with current UKG configurations. Enter employee data in UKG and rest assured Vista™ is up to date.

We even create new Vista employees when they are added to UKG.

Have a 3rd source of data or need a two-way sync? We can handle that too.

Integrating Vista and UKG is beneficial:


  • GEMINI syncs data from UKG to Vista – employee records, deductions, tax withholdings and other data will be synced from UKG to Vista.

  • GEMINI can sync both ways – SelectView’s GEMINI can be customized to sync data to and from UKG and Vista.

  • GEMINI can Sync Other Sources of Data – GEMINI can handle additional sources of data in addition to UKG.

  • GEMINI Notifies You of Issues – GEMINI will notify you of issues before they become problems.

  • GEMINI Can Make Changes to Integrating Data – GEMINI can provide data type conversion and custom calculations where needed.

  • GEMINI New Employee Setup in Vista – GEMINI has the ability to add new employees to Vista from UKG eliminating the manual setup in two different systems.


  • Increased Productivity – Manual keying and reconciling two different systems costs time and money.

  • Reduction of Errors and Duplication – Hand entering data can lead to errors and loss of productivity.

  • Payroll Compliance – Two systems with data discrepancies add to the burden of payroll compliance.  Automating an integration with UKG can reduce the worry.

  • New Employee Setup Simplified for Vista – GEMINI can create new employees in Vista as they are added to UKG.

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