Visualize your Vista Data with Power BI

From setting up your Power BI environment to fully customized dashboards, SelectView Data Solutions can customize Power BI dashboards and reports based on your specifications and to support your processes.  Power BI allows you to visualize your data to get the most out of Vista.

Power BI integrates with your existing applications, such as Trimble’s Viewpoint.  Other data sources and third party software can be included with Vista data to provide a full visualization of your company.

Viewpoint has already established Power BI reports and dashboards within Vista.  SelectView Data Solutions can customize these standard Viewpoint Solutions or build new dashboards and Reports to suit your needs.

Benefits of Power BI Custom Dashboards and Reports:

  • Power BI incorporates unrelated data sources with Vista into comprehensive Dashboards and Reports.

  • Microsoft’s Power BI allows secure sharing of data interactively across your organization.

  • Power BI Dashboards are designed to match your current processes and security levels.

  • Power BI Dashboards can be filtered in a variety of different ways.

  • Power BI Dashboards and Reports can be accessed through mobile or desktop devices in the field or office.

  • Power BI brings your data to life.

  • Power BI is secure, especially when using Azure.

  • Power BI Dashboards and Reports provide management support for Departments.

  • Power BI Dashboards/Reports can be customized for CEO, CFO, and Project Managers.

  • Power BI Dashboards can be exported to an xlsx or csv file.

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