Would you like to update information in Vista or Spectrum quickly and easily from the field or office without logging in? A Custom Web Portal may be the answer.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could update specific fields within Vista and Spectrum without the need to log in or navigate through the modules? Our custom web solutions can save time and money by focusing on only the fields you want to update and eliminating the need to locate the fields within Vista or Spectrum.

Designing your own web portal has many advantages:
-We can design the Web Portal to follow your current workflow.
-Active Directory authentication can eliminate the need to remember another password.
-Data will be entered into Vista or Spectrum using a clean input page that is easy to understand.
-The portal will be based on your current process, so little to no training is needed.
-Web portals are accessible from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone in the field or office.
-Web Portals eliminate manual updates to Vista and Spectrum by staff, saving time and money.
-Updates to Vista and Spectrum are made immediately providing a real-time management value.

For more information on whether a custom web portal is right for your business, please contact Karen Wagnon at Karen.Wagnon@SelectViewData.com.