Below you will find a case study of how one of our clients came to us with a specific problem and how we were able to solve it with a custom integrated system.


A large general contracting and construction management firm performed building and campus site maintenance for two decades for a Fortune 500 company.   The field manager spent tedious hours each week preparing a work order-based time report for each activity performed by the tradespeople.  

A new Construction Manager took over campus maintenance and required field hours to be captured daily in spreadsheets.  To invoice the client, the firm was faced with the challenge of getting time from the daily spreadsheets into Vista™ by Viewpoint. 


SelectView developed an integrated system with the following features:

  1. Billing clerk can tag and pull Excel labor information directly into Vista™.
  2. Imported hours are tagged with the client’s work order number.
  3. Custom invoices can be run from Vista™ in the format required by the client.

Value and Impact

The new system and custom invoices saved the construction manager and the billing clerk each five hours per week for work order implementation, execution and billing processing.  The reduced time resulted in a savings of approximately $17,000 per year in direct labor costs. 

This is just one example of how SelectView could further improve your Vista™ experience.  Please call me, Bill Wagnon, directly at 800-931-8062 or email me if these case studies spark additional ideas for how we can help you overcome daily work challenges with Vista™.