Below you will find a case study of how one of our clients came to us with a specific problem and how we were able to solve it with a custom web portal.


A large electrical contracting company was updating jobs weekly to show percent of each phase completed.  The information was collected by the office every Wednesday from the Project Managers in the field in an Excel spreadsheet for hand keying by the accounting staff.


SelectView built a custom web portal for use by Project Managers in the field. The Project Managers can now enter job percent complete for their jobs and phases directly in the portal. The job information is automatically imported to Vista™ by Viewpoint without requiring a login.  

The portal is available from mobile devices via the browser, and Active Directory authentication makes it possible for the Project Managers to access the system without needing to remember another password.

Value and Impact

This process eliminates the need for office administrators to manually update Vista™, saving the client more than 100 hours per year in administrative time.  Vista™ reports are immediately updated which provides real-time management value.  

Additional benefits include:

  1. Opens lines of communication between the field and office.
  2. Streamlines the process allowing field managers to easily update percent complete.
  3. Allows for early detection of issues and time for corrective actions.
  4. Eliminates manual update of Viewpoint, either by the field supervisor or office staff.
  5. Allows license free input to Vista™.

This is just one example of how SelectView could further improve your Vista™ experience.  Please call me, Bill Wagnon, directly at 800-931-8062 or email me if these case studies spark additional ideas for how we can help you overcome daily work challenges with Vista™.