Below you will find a case study of how one of our clients came to us with a specific problem and how we were able to solve it by setting the reports to email automatically out of Vista™.


Eric Kruep, the controller at Icon Mechanical, spent hours every Thursday preparing financial reports in Vista™ by Viewpoint, exporting them to PDF, and emailing the reports to each individual Project Manager. When there were 10 Project Managers, the process was not overly burdensome. When the number jumped to over 30 and continued to climb, it become extremely laborious. Since many of the Project Managers did not have Vista™ profiles, they were unable to run their own reports.


Select View Data Solutions implemented an automatic report delivery system with the following features:
  1. Automatic creation and email of reports to each Project Manager at 10 a.m. every Thursday.
  2. Reports provide details on each job with detailed activity in the previous two weeks.
  3. Reports are archived automatically in the file system for future reference.
  4. Vista™ profiles are not necessary for those receiving the reports.

Value and Impact

This process saves Eric over 190 hours per year in production and distribution of manual reports, allowing him to reallocate 9% of his work week to more profitable projects. The Project Managers receive their reports each Thursday morning without anyone having to physically run or distribute them.

The process facilitates accountability for Project Managers by providing all the information needed to oversee their projects on a timely basis. Project Managers and company leadership are able to identify problems before they become serious issues, affording time to address situations quickly and economically.

This is just one example of how SelectView could further improve your Vista™ experience.  Please call me, Bill Wagnon, directly at 800-931-8062 or email me if these case studies spark additional ideas for how we can help you overcome daily work challenges with Vista™.